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About Us


Chlorophile is a lifestyle brand embodying sustainable living values. From sourcing materials to delivering great products; assurance of eco-friendly and fair-trade principles is our key to success, and your desire to make responsible choices empowers us to make a difference. Our products are quality casual garments for everyday use, certified by the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’.

Being one of the first brands to produce and retail certified organic denim products, we bear the GOTS logo with pride.

Aiming to meet the needs of people today, we work with nature to fortify the trade with understanding & develop the tools to create truly ‘green’ products. 

We’ll hear the pulse of society and observe vigilance in our supply chain; nurturing a genuine passion for green living.

Bringing positively ‘Earth-effective’ products to the changing world of fashion, and to people who share views from different angles; our ranges are designed to meet all customer’s requirements in style and comfort.

Designs inspired by the cultural origins of change celebrate nature’s vibrancy with a fusion of creative expressions and grounded visual comments. Embracing the transience of trends with contemporary cuts and prints, the Chlorophile personality has urban origin backed by rural sensibilities.


We know that people share views from different angles, this is why all our ranges are fashionably designed to meet different customers’ requirements in both style and comfort.

Consisting a variety of styles to suit different tastes, our products enable those who can, to change market demand trends and help sustain ethical clothing production; our designs are inspired by the cultural origins of change, celebrating nature’s vibrancy with a fusion of creative expressions and grounded visual comments.

We take every possible measure to ensure that our materials are organically sourced and that we make the safest & highest quality choices in production and processing.

To find out more about the high environmental standards to which we adhere, visit the GOTS website at


Chlorophile addresses sustainability and social issues, creating products that are affordably ethical. Our products are GOTS certified and the GOTS transaction certificate confirms DAC Clothing Pvt Ltd (Chlorophile) as the terminal point in the supply chain.


The materials we use and what we do with them is a concern from the tips to the roots of our operation, beyond our own processes we look back to our suppliers, and those who supply them. All materials are chosen for green credentials, our concern for environmental degradation guiding the selection process.
We add support to a framework of suppliers with high ethical standards, returning what is given by worker and land.


  • 100% Organic cotton fabrics and denims
  • Handspun, naturally dyed organic silk products
  • Naturally dyed indigo denim
  • Organic khadi (handspun, hand woven fabric)
  • Peace (or Ahimsa) silk
  • Flax linen
  • Hemp, Wool, Bamboo, Soy and Ramie fabrics

Our manufacturers are accredited providers of materials and finishing services with stringent environmental policies, bringing assurance of respectfully made products.


We work only with the most ethically centred producers and suppliers, adding our weight to the chain of operators against unfair trade and environmental devastation. Our manufacturers are recognized among the leaders in India's manufacturing world; NABL accredited, holding various certifications such as: GOTS, organic exchange certificate for organic cotton products, SA8000, EMS 14001, ISO 9001: 2000 QMS and OekoTex 100 Class.
All Chlorophile products adhere to GOTS standards.


From the outset our intention is to keep a chain of suppliers transparent to traders and customers, listing any certifications we acquire or progressions we make in the field of ethical sourcing and production. We use only suppliers with traceable sources; imperative in verifying an ethically sound product line. The Chlorophile collection is GOTS certified with an exposed supply chain. On expansion of capacity and services, we will  continue to select honest operators with the highest credentials.


Continuing to network and develop relations with like-minded operators is essential in developing strategies to advance recognition and awareness;

balancing systems of exchange and consumption.We work to boost correspondence with producers, suppliers, and the workers who harvest & maintain crops.

In developing relationships with suppliers we develop a way to achieve great results, using effective and respectful processes. We’ll reveal the dedicated chain of operators who wish to do things right by the land and it’s people.


Industry is seen as the enemy of Earth, it’s heavy tracks stamped worldwide. We think each step is an opportunity to make Earth flourish. Whether by choice of material & process to enhance life-cycle prospects, or through legacy investment to maintain diverse and healthy ecosystems; we believe in replacing what we use.

WIND ENERGY: (energy efficiency)

Our manufacturers are among the leading producers in India, conforming to the highest regulations for effluent management and energy handling. Their facilities include wind turbines which meet the majority of power demand.

POLLUTION CONTROL: (waste management & water efficiency)

Careful with their use of water to avoid pollution, our manufacturer employs a 4x effect water filtering system to refine their effluent and optimise handling.